Specialist InIT


Gitanjoli Hatikakoti is a mother, a wife, a painter, a computer specialist and a hobby chef specialising in fusion kitchen giving tastes and colors to Asian, German, Italian and Swiss food with Indian spices. She was born and brought up in Assam, India. She has studied Computer Science in University of Mainz and worked with various institutions like S&P in Frankfurt, Allianz group in Wiesbaden and Munich. Her paintings were the special attraction in Bischofsheim in Germany in year 2006. She moved to her family in 2012 in Switzerland and studied further in Hochschule Luzern. By profession, she has been working since 2012 as Senior Supporter in Berner Bildungszentrum Pflege AG in Bern where she accumulates the daily experience by supporting BZ Pflege staff and students in computer programs. Her specialization in computer is Share Point, Active Directory, and Microsoft Office Products. She also provides Indian cooking courses and her specialization in curry dishes a must try” for everyone.