Learn at Lunch Courses for Companies

Learn at Lunch Courses for Companies
This is a programme specially designed for companies. Learn-at-Lunch series are less formal and less structured than traditional training events. The topics we select appeal to a wide range of company employees and they are designed to provide a snapshot of the most essential elements of a particular subject.

The Swiss Skills Academy team will work with your company to develop the most suitable format for your employees.

What it is
  • A non-threatening and fun way of promoting learning
  • They are compact courses aimed at building the skills of employees
  • Usually 2 hours
  • More complicated subjects can be done in two parts
  • Encourages wide participation within the company
  • Builds team spirit
  • Is an alternative to long formal training sessions
  • Employees from across departments share a common experience/learn something new
  • Strengthens corporate culture & corporate identity
  • Provides a simple alternative to a typical lunch break

Overall it is a great opportunity to broaden the employees’ knowledge and build key skills essential for the work environment.