Small Business Boot Camp

Small Business Boot Camp

As a small business owner or solopreneur, you must wear many different hats. We hear that everywhere: you are a project manager, marketing specialist, salesperson, financial analyst.
This is especially true in the early stages of operation when you have to plan carefully where you invest your limited resources.

The Boot Camp is a practical training programme for existing small business owners & solopreneurs. We bring together a group of experts who cover the most essential strategies and tools to start or grow your business. We will explain key concepts and give you the essential tools to help you navigate the challenges of being a small business owner or solopreneur.

Next bootcamp for small business owners and solopreneurs will be in the Fall! The focus will be on “How to Grow Your Business”.

Target Audience:
Small business owners and solopreneurs with a business of 18 months+ in existence.

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